Weight Loss With The Hcg Diet


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a natural hormone produced by the human pituitary gland as well as the placenta during pregnancy. The US FDA has approved hCG for use in cancer diagnosis and fertility treatment. While dieters have employed hCG to help them attain a healthy body size since the early decades of the twentieth century its use as a weight loss supplement has been slower to gain acceptance in official circles. Many patients swear by it, though, and some claim results as impressive as a pound or more lost every day.

The hcg diet is perfect for dieters who complain of trying other plans one after the other with no success in losing weight. Those who follow the plan cannot avoid losing weight on a 500 calorie diet, and that initial success can provide a psychological boost that will result in long term health maintenance. Those who have lost weight before only to gain it back will find hCG’s maintenance program a valuable tool in keeping the weight off permanently.

The hCG supplements used by dieters today are homeopathic oral preparations. They require no prescriptions and no visits to any doctor. Dieters take the drops under the tongue or may use an oral spray. Unlike older hCG regimes, the homeopathic approach requires no painful injections. The supplement is taken by mouth, absorbed quickly and does its work naturally.

In conjunction with a 500-550 calorie per day diet, homeopathic hCG is said to stimulate the body lose weight with no necessity for exercise. These makes it a boon for dieters whose busy schedules limit the amount of physical activity they are able to undertake. The supplement suppresses cravings and decreases overall appetite. In addition it prevents irritability and lack of energy and enhances the dieter’s mood. Attitude is one of the most important factors in sticking to a diet, and hCG can be the deciding factor in keeping a positive outlook.

The food plan used with the hCG diet utilizes home cooked meals. There are no frozen or prepared foods to buy, and the dieter learns valuable low-calorie cooking techniques during preparation. The process begins with two days of loading, when the dieter takes in sufficient high fat food to suppress the body’s fat storing response. In the second phase, dieters eat foods extremely low in fat and carbohydrates and limit caloric intake to 500 per day. In the third phase supplements are discontinued and many foods are reintroduced in preparation for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

The benefit of hCG in weight reduction is a great boon to Americans plagued with an epidemic of obesity. Heart disease and diabetes aggravated by morbid excess weight have a huge impact on American society. The loss of as much as a pound a day with no need to exercise can make a decided impact on the health and lifestyle of an overweight person while elevating mood and energy levels, and that is a benefit society as a whole can live with.

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