What Are Blood Clots?


Blood clots are always forming, whenever you hurt yourself badly enough that you begin to bleed. Does this sound like a terrifying thought? It really should not be. The ability of blood to clot is what makes it so effective. Without this, the blood would simply flow out of even a minor cut forever. Eventually, the person would die because they would not have enough blood left to sustain life. Blood needs to be able to clot in order for the body to continue living, and there are a lot of dangers for those who have diseases that take this ability away.

When this function turns into a problem is when the blood begins to clot in the veins and arteries. Sometimes this can happen because a person has been hurt internally. Other times it can happen because the person has been sitting still for too long or because their muscles are not working properly, causing the blood to sit still. When it clots inside of the body, these masses can begin to move through the system. This is not how clotting is supposed to work, and this situation can bring about a number of very real dangers.

The Dangers: Heart Attacks And Strokes

There are a number of dangers that come from blood clots. The main two are heart attacks and strokes. A heart attack comes about when a blood clot forms in the body and blocks the flow of blood to the heart. This does not always mean that it has started in the heart, as it could have started somewhere else and moved there over time. When the flow is blocked, a person will feel an intense pain in their chest. They may collapse. People do survive these on a fairly regular basis, especially if they get help right away, but there is often nothing that can be done.

A stroke is quite similar to a heart attack. It is also brought about by a blood clot that has formed somewhere in the body and moved to the brain. Once there, it can block the flow of blood to the brain. The person will feel dizzy and will probably pass out. This does result in death, though it more often results in disablement. Since part of the brain has been damaged, the things that that part of the brain was controlling will be impacted. This can lead to a loss of speech or motor skills, for instance.

Does Tylenol Help?

It has been found the tylenol can help someone who has just had a heart attack. It contains a blood thinner, which is what gives it the ability to help the person. If they take it right away, and they have not have a severe heart attack, the blood thinner can actually cause the blood clots to break up. The flow of blood is restored, at a normal rate, to the heart. The person still needs medical attention, but they will have much better odds of surviving.

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