What is Cyberbullying?


Since communication is advancing since the advent of mobile phones and the use of the internet cyberbullying has become a big problem. More than ever it has taken great tolls on our younger generation leading to some unfortunate teen suicides. Prevention methods are available and many times can be as simple as noticing changes in your teen or making sure you communicate well with your children. With the more instances of cyberbullying its a good idea to be prepared if it does happen and know what you can do to prevent it and deal with it when it does happen.

There are many methods to prevent Bullying via the internet like educating your children or people in general about the possibly harmful effects it can have. Especially younger people such as teenagers can be terrorized and in some cases have committed suicide. These unfortunate incidents can be prevented by keeping a close eye on any sudden changes in your teenagers moods. Such preventive measures can keep your teen from suffering from depression or low self esteem. Its a good idea to communicate with them if you notice any changes in their day to day activities or socializing habits.

Raising awareness is an important issue especially for prevention of harassment. Keeping everyone informed is an important issue as many teens and children often have their own computer. The use of Laptops being a more and more popular alternative to desktops also makes it harder for parents to monitor their children. However there are a lot of software programs out there now that can assist in monitoring your teen or child making your job a little bit easier.

There are many negative effects cyberbullying has on teens and children today. From low self esteem to depression the effects can be detrimental. Unfortunately a person can be bullied at any hour of the day via emails to online chat rooms to or some of the popular social networking sites. The ways a person can abuse another is unfortunately growing so the need to be on alert is very important in today’s Cyber world.

There are a lot of people out there today with similar problems and many have created support groups so you can find abundant resources. So when a person is not sure where to turn or what to do be rest assured there are others out there to help. Joining together educators, family and law enforcement is determined to make a better future.

There are many reasons why some people feel that they need to bully others by using the internet. One reason is that it is much easier to harass a person sitting from your computer at home. Online the information gets around pretty quickly especially if its on a social networking site. This method is much less confrontational than in person and provides you with an invisible barrier between the bully and the person being bullied. The internet has provided a less confrontational way of insulting others and in many cases giving them anonymity with no fear of anyone finding out who they really are.

There are many different cyberbullying laws in effect depending where you live that have the intent of protecting teens and children. Many of the popular sites today have options that allow you to report abuse and simply block a person from sending you messages. If there is a severe case such as involving an adult and a teen this sometimes can lead to local police getting involved. Since the problem has gained more attention there have been more people that have taken steps to prevent cyberbullying protecting the ones you care about.

Cyber bullying is a new twist on an old problem. It is important to protect children and teenagers as the effects can be quite detrimental. The internet has given way for many social networking sites where information can be quickly and sometimes anonymously passed around. There are a few reasons why people feel the need for bullying but the best preventive methods are education and communication. There are many places to turn to get more involved and connect with others that face the same issue so be sure to join others to put a stop to this growing problem of cyberbullying.

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