What You Should Know About Herpes


Living with the virus herpes can be challenging, especially during those times of outbreaks. However, the good news is you do not suffer alone. Literally millions of people are in the same situation as you are about this virus. Knowing the things you can do to make life easier when you have this type of virus is an important part of leading a normal life.

One of the first questions people have when they learn they are infected with this kind of virus is how you cure it. Unfortunately, there is no cure nor is there a vaccine to prevent infections. Being able to control your outbreaks and taking the steps necessary for preventing someone from getting it from you are the best ways to take control.

Your first outbreak of herpes rash and blisters will be the worst of all. Keep in mind that you can still shed this kind of virus in the areas of rash and irritation even after the sores are healed. Being careful not to allow anyone else touch you in those specific places is important in the prevention of this virus in someone else. Since it travels through skin cells, touching is an easy way to pick it up. Once your initial outbreak is over, the virus takes up residence in your spine where it remains dormant until subsequent outbreaks.

You could go for a great while and never have an outbreak. While this virus is in it s dormant stages, you will feel and look as though you are perfectly healthy. You will have the warning signs of flu like symptoms at the onset of the next outbreak. Many people complain of aches all over the body, fever, and fatigue. Swollen lymph nodes are another symptom as well.

This is the time you should refrain from allowing others to touch you. This is even truer after the breakout has started. While the virus is shedding, you might want to avoid intimacy with your partner and sex acts as well. You can also get herpes through the saliva of someone that is infected. Taking care to avoid these things will help you to feel less emotion and embarrassment about your disease.

What happens when you are in a relationship and you find out you have herpes? Do you avoid telling the other person? This is the worst thing you can do. Make sure to ask that person to sit down and talk about it. You may be surprised how real and true love for you from that person will soothe your fears of loss because of this virus.

Those people in relationships that are just getting serious have a burden to bear when they learn they have herpes. Being strong enough to go ahead and tell that other person the truth about the infection you have is the best choice. It is better to always be honest in any relationship, especially when it comes to something as serious as this virus.

Choosing to lead your life normally and as healthy as you can is possible when you are also dealing with herpes. Lots of people lead a normal sex life and even have children while managing their disease. This is possible when you learn the best ways to take control and do not allow this sneaky virus to conquer you and your life.

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I found it to be so hard when I had heard my results that I was positive for herpes. I felt so betrayed by my boyfriend at the time for cheating and now I’m living with this virus for the rest of my life. I didn’t think I could be happy again or find someone who accept me for me but I have. I’m only 20 an I try to talk to some peoe I know to let them know this could happen to you. This world is getting to the point where none of these kids care an have sex with a lot of people an here in Rochester NY between ages 13 to 24 have HIV has the highest rate in the u.s.A.


I have found, after living with genital herpes for the past 12 years, a great deal of help with the natural supplement Red Marine Algae. I take up to 6 capsules daily during an outbreak for several days until the outbreak is completely gone. If not taken with food, it can cause sea-floor or fishy burps. To me, this is a small price to pay to get rid of such an awful disease.

Ryan Sage
Ryan Sage

One of the hardest challenges that we parents face is discussing with their children about sex and birth control methods. Perhaps, the hardest and most difficult of them all is discussing about sexually transmitted diseases. Many of us usually feel embarrassed about the topic and feel like we do not have the necessary knowledge to pass the right information. Thanks.