Wrinkle Treatment Options That Really Work


Ladies, it’s ok to admit that we’re getting older. Everyone says that you age gracefully. I don’t buy in to this theory, but it would be great if it were true. I guess we can all wish, right? Men seem to get better with age, at least in the arena of public opinion. Thank goodness we women have some wrinkle treatment options.

It’s not unusual to start noticing changes in your skin as early as your mid twenties. Many women seem to have the power to fight off the aging cycle until they get into their thirties or forties, but if you have a hereditary trait that is coming your way with young aging, you may want to be proactive.

There are, of course, numerous over the counter creams that you can purchase to stop the aging process dead in its tracks and fill in wrinkles. They claim to minimize the signs of wrinkles and laugh lines around your eyes, mouth and other areas of the face and neck. Crows feet are a constant worry for women of all ages, and it seems that more than ever, young women are starting to get anti aging treatments earlier and earlier.

To understand what actually works as far wrinkle treatments goes, it is important to understand why we get wrinkles, in the first place. As we grow older, different components of our bodies lose their potential to regenerate or continue to produce. Many hormones cease to be produced and this aids in the break down of important parts of your skin and tissue.

Collagen is an all important component of our skin. When the collagen in our skin begins to break down, this is when we start seeing wrinkles, age spots, crow’s feet, laugh lines, whatever you want to call these unwelcome guests. There are many things that aid in the breakdown of collagen. Of course, age is one of the largest factors, but sun exposure is one of the biggest culprits in the breakdown.

Any product containing retinol works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fill in fine lines. There are many treatments that involve retinol and products that are based with retinol. Botox also works. While it may seem overdramatic, overboard, you name it, to many people, but to those who have tried Botox, it is all that and a bag of chips.

Botox seems to be coming down in price and is more readily available than ever. It wouldn’t surprise me if, within the next few years, an at home Botox treatment becomes available to women. Another wrinkle treatment that is effective is laser resurfacing treatment. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing may be a bit invasive, but it works.

If you are looking for wrinkle treatment options that work, ask your dermatologist about carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, a home photo light therapy system, Botox treatments and treatments that contain retinol. The great thing about retinol based treatments is that you no longer need a prescription for some of them. Read up about these products before using them to ensure that no allergic reactions occur.

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