Yeast Infection Remedies


There are several special types of yeast infection treatment plans that a person will use a medication for several nights or days and this helps to control and sometimes eliminate the yeast. Both men and women could get yeast infections although they are most common in a women’s vaginal area. A prescription from a doctor maybe what’s needed or an individual could try an over the counter remedy. There are also several alternative or homeopathic cures one could try.

At the moment, one of the most talked about choices for treating a yeast infection, also known as Candida, is probiotics. Live micro-organisms are what are found naturally in an individual’s digestive tract and in a woman’s vagina. Often thought of as the ‘friendly’ of the bacteria’s, and there are many’ in the human body, probiotics will help to halt the increase of the ‘bad’ bacteria that gathers and forms the yeast.

There are probiotics in several food products such as yogurts; however, there are great disparities in the amount of these helpful bacteria in the different brands made by different companies. It is best to read the labels. Sauerkraut is another food that contains probiotics, although not many people are big fans.

Something that has proven time and time again to be a relieving herb for yeast is garlic. Several studies have shown that natural garlic tablets used as suppositories help to remove or reduce the amount of yeast in a matter of days. Be sure to choose all natural garlic tablets so they are not irritating.

Apple cider vinegar is another kitchen staple that will help in the removal of yeast; however, if using internally, there could be a physically powerful burning feeling if it is not diluted. The best way to use it is in the bath. A cupful in a warm bath for a soak is a good way to find temporary relief from itching and burning of a yeast infection. Another thing to remember with the apple cider vinegar is to always purchase the kind with the mother, which is a special formula that is most excellent for yeast infections. Finally, remember never to purchase white vinegar for this will only serve to ‘feed’ the yeast and not make it go away.

Another good herb, which is successful in ridding the body of yeast, is oil of oregano and is likely to be found in the health food section of a grocery or a specialty store. The best kind is the one that has carvacrol as one of the main ingredients because this is the active element and works to wipe out yeast.

Babies and children, but also men and women can get another kind of yeast infection and it is called thrush or mouth yeast infections. A lot of people with asthma have it because they use inhalers that contain steroids and excessive steroids can produce more yeast in the mouth.

Thrush or mouth yeast has symptoms that are typically white patches and a paste in the mouth. Some of these patches could open and bleed if they are scratched by the tongue or food. To soothe these sores, it is recommended to drink ice water or other cooling liquids that will ‘flush’ away the yeast. Also, warm saltwater rinses are helpful and avoiding sugars because they are ‘feeders’ for yeast.

Before reaching for an over the counter treatment or calling for a prescription, which are both somewhat costly, try some of these yeast infection treatment plans and alternative remedies. However, if a yeast virus will not go away after a couple of day or is unusually painful, then an individual should seek medical advice. A yeast infection could be a sign of a deeper medical problem if it is persistent or they happen often.

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