Yeast Infections – What You Should Know


Here are several different types of yeast infections but the one thing that is in common with all these infections is the yeast that causes the infection; Candida. Most individuals associate yeast infections specifically with vaginal yeast infections but these infections can also occur in the mouth, inside the body and on the skin. Basically anywhere that is moist and dark.

Most women suffer from vaginal infections because there is a high level of yeast in this area when compared to the rest of the body. When an area of the body has a change of environment such as moisture or pH or change in bacteria levels then the yeast can grow unchecked and cause an infection.

Some causes of these infections occur when for some reason the bacteria levels that keep the yeast in check have decreased. Many times very serious illnesses such as chemotherapy can result in very systemic yeast infections in which the body cannot fight the yeast. Of any yeast infection a systemic infection can be life threatening.

Thrush is a type of oral yeast infection that can occur in the mouth or digestive tract. Many times medications can cause thrush as the balance of microorganisms in the mouth are disturbed. Birth control pills, corticosteroids and antibiotics are all medications that can cause thrush.

Some of the symptoms of thrush include white lesions on the inside of your mouth. Many times these lesions are slightly raised and tend to be on the inner cheeks and the tongue. Many people describe these legions as cottage cheese. If you scratch the lesions they may be very painful or bleed. With the worst cases of thrush the lesions may spread down the esophagus.

If you have a weak immune system or do not treat thrush then it can spread to other areas of the body such as the skin, lungs and liver. He only way to treat thrush is through prescription oral medication. Most times it will take about two weeks for the medication. You can find medication as lozenges, liquids or tablets and your dentists or doctor will know the best types of treatments.

A skin yeast infection or intertrigo occurs in between the folds of the skin. Many times this occurs because you are not following proper hygiene or the clothing you wear is not made of breathable material. These generally occurs under the breasts, the groin and under the arms. Many individuals that are obese tend to suffer more from skin yeast infections.

Many people can treat themselves at home with a natural cure for yeast infections. There are many over the counter products available for several different types of infections due to yeast though for very severe infections due to yeast you may require a prescription medication that contains anti-fungal compounds. It can also help to avoid moisture and practice good hygiene.

If you notice that your yeast infections are recurring then you should go see a doctor immediately. Many times a yeast infection is a sign that your immune system has weakened due to more serious health issues.

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