You Can Use Tea Tree Oil For Acne


Tea Tree Oil Benefits

There are many benefits to the use of tea tree oil. It  is a general disinfectant that helps to fight bacteria that is present in infections and wounds. This enables it to fight fungal diseases in humans and animals. Its anti viral properties also help it to fight many common infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to penetrate the skin, and hence benefit acne sufferers. It acts as a stimulant to fight infections and acts as a cleanser for pus and does not damage the tissue around wounds. It has a property that helps it to heal skin and encourage the forming of new tissue.

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Acne

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of a tree native to Australia. The use of tea tree oil for acne has been known to kill acne bacteria and the oil is also extensively used in a number of natural treatments for acne. Its anti-bacterial properties do help to lessen the inflammation in skin that is affected by acne. Some people are sensitive to tea tree oil and are better advised to stay away  from it.  Tea tree oil does reduce the symptoms of acne but cannot be said to be a cure for acne.

Using Tree Tea Oil For Acne

Because of the possibilities of it affecting sensitive skin, any treatment with tea tree oil for acne is better done on small patches of skin and any reactions observed. A reaction indicates need for a lower concentration and in rare cases may need complete suspension of this treatment. It is best to dilute tea tree oil with aloe vera gel, making sure that this gel is very pure and uncontaminated by other additives. Just a couple of drops need to be added to an ounce of the gel of aloe. Before the application of this gel, it is a normal thing for people to clean the face. This should be done without the use of soap as otherwise the skin could dry up. Tea tree oil itself acts to dry the skin and dries pimples. It is also an ingredient in some comprehensive acne fighting systems.

Tea Tree Oil For Acne Scars

There is no firm evidence that tea tree oil is beneficial for acne scars. The fact is that due to its deeper penetration of the skin, tea tree oil does help many aspects of the skin and this improves the tissues which in turn can help to reduce the effects of scars.  It is best to consult a dermatologist for any  scar removal and other treatments like chemical peel, dermabrasion and laser treatments may be more effective.  These treatments can cost a fair bit of money, and there are people who do benefit from just the application of tea tree oil, and it is only fair to try it out before opting for other expensive solutions.

Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil For Acne

There a lot of companies that manufacture tree tea oil for acne. The best ones use leaves of Australian trees. Look at reliable suppliers who take care to source their products. There are a lot of online sources to get tea tree oil and some of them may even offer it very cheap. Any tea tree oil must be purchased after getting confirmation from the supplier that the oil is specifically meant for the use that you have of it.  Tea tree oil after purchase must be stored in cool dark places as it can get degraded with exposure to light. Small quantities are better stored in glass bottles.

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A quick search for tea tree oil for acne will turn up dozens of companies that sell this product. Not all are of the same quality, though is it is a good idea to check reviews and be sure to get a reliable source that uses Australian tea tree leaves for their oil. It is also a good idea to check that the oil is designed for use with acne issues. Keep the oil in a dark place that is also cool, since light and heat will cause it to lose potency. For smaller amounts, keep the oil in glass bottles for best results and use as needed on acne spots.