Zyppah Review – The Only Stop-Snoring Solution You Will Ever Need?

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Snoring is incredibly disruptive to both the snorers, and the one sleeping with them. Unsurprisingly, a lot of research is being done into ways to stop snoring, and many manufacturers have come up with mouthpieces and other devices to help with this. One of them is the mandibular advancement device (MAD) developed by Zyppah, which promises to really work.

Of course, there are numerous stop snoring devices on the market today, and all of them promise to work. But you have already tried many of them and found that you still snore to this day. Some don’t work at all, others have marginal benefits but are very uncomfortable, others are made from dangerous materials, and so on. The Zyppah promises to be something different. Let us take a look and find out if this is true.

What Is Zyppah?

The Zyppah is a unique MAD device. First of all, it looks completely different from any other mouthpiece on the market today, and secondly, it takes a completely different approach to helping people reduce or stop their snoring. Essentially, the Zyppah combines two mouthpieces to stabilize the tongue and adjust the jaw. It is created using two BPA and Latex free types of plastics, with materials that are 100% sourced in the USA. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared it.

The Zyppah is the brainchild of former dentist Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, who has around three decades of experience in the field. Over the course of ten years, he dedicated himself to studying sleep apnea and snoring. Currently, he runs five Californian “Snore no More” centers, where he provides assistance to people who snore or suffer from sleep apnea.

How Does It Work?

The Zyppah uses two specific methods, which are what make it different from other snoring mouthpieces:

  1. It uses a jaw advancement technique to stop loose tissue from vibrating during sleep. It holds the lower jaw slightly forward, thereby tightening the tissues in the jaw and neck, while at the same time opening up the airways.

  2. It has a tongue stabilizing strap, described as “revolutionary z-flex technology”. The strap is a band of elastic towards the back of the Zippah, holding the tongue in place. This stops it from blocking the airway, which is a common cause of snoring.

There are numerous differences between the Zyppah and other mouthpieces, not in the least the way it looks. This is a stylish, modern, sleek device and it is surprisingly comfortable as well. In fact, Zyppah comes in three different designs: one in standard green and black; one in pink; and one in camouflage colors. While there is no suggestion that a change of color also makes a difference in terms of how well the device works, it is nice to be able to have that little bit of personal customization available.

The Zyppah must first be molded to the user’s mouth, however, which is done through “boil and bite” methods. It is very easy to fit the device to your mouth:

  1. Drop the new Zyppah into hot water.

  2. Let it soften.

  3. Bite down to create a tooth impression.

  4. Leave it to cool.

The Zyppah does not come with a recessed tray to fit it, however. This is because the manufacturer recommends that comfort is more important than a tight fit. This makes sense, since you have to sleep with the device in your mouth. You will likely find that the first week or so of sleeping with the Zyppah in place feels very strange, but it will soon start to feel like a natural extension of your mouth.

Prices and What You Get

The Zyppah should be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website, which guarantees that you get the real deal rather than a cheap knockoff. It is a little pricey at $125.95, excluding shipping and handling fees, but the manufacturer has regular sales and special offers. In fact, at the time of this writing, the original Zyppah, the Zyppah Beauty Sleep (in pink), and the Zyppah Military (in camouflage colors) were available for just $99.95. While this is still costly, and certainly costlier than many other stop snoring devices and mouthpieces, it genuinely is the only one of its kind. Furthermore, it has received thousands of positive reviews from people who feel that it has greatly reduced their snoring. In fact, some people have even said that it has saved their marriage!

Meanwhile, Zyppah is so convinced that you will love the device, that you can try it for 90 days. If, after that period, you do not feel comfortable with it, or you feel it hasn’t helped reduce your snoring, you can return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked. Hence, there is no risk in at least giving it a try.

What I Liked about Zyppah

  • The device has a hybrid design that both keeps the tongue stationary and the jaw forward, ensuring that the airway is always clear during sleep.

  • It is a 100% Made in the USA product, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and cleared by the FDA.

  • Surprisingly, it is a very comfortable device. Even the rubber band, while it takes some getting used to, feels comfortable after a few days.

  • While it uses two types of plastic in its construction, both are BPA and Latex free.

  • The fit is precise, since you have to boil and bite it so that it becomes molded to the shape of your mouth.

  • It comes with an airflow hole to help you breathe easily during sleep.

  • It comes with a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • The manufacturer regularly offers discounts on the price, or may provide free shipping and handling.

  • It has been designed by a respected dentist who runs numerous Snore no More clinics. He is a recognized expert on snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Customer reviews suggest that this truly is an extremely effective treatment for snoring.

  • The device is surprisingly small and light, which further enhances its comfort.

  • It is made from long-lasting, durable materials, meaning you shouldn’t have to purchase more than one Zyppah per year, so long as you take care of it properly.

What I Didn’t Like about Zyppah

  • Although fitting is done through a boil and bite technique, which is very easy, it is incredibly important that you get a good fit.

  • It can take some time to get used to the Zyppah and many people report that their jaw feels sore and that they drool in their sleep during the first week or so.

  • You need to purchase denture tabs so that you can clean the Zyppah after use.

  • It is not suitable for people with bridges, crowns, loose teeth, or dentures.

  • The lower tray cannot be incrementally adjusted, which is something many other stop snoring devices do offer.

  • It is quite an expensive device, so you need to work out whether you feel it is cost-effective or not.

The Final Verdict

If you are a snorer, then it is likely that you want to do something about it. This is because snoring is incredibly disruptive to both you and other people in your home, particularly your bed partner. For many, it is also an embarrassing affliction. Perhaps the greatest reason to want to do something, however, is that snoring significantly reduces your quality of sleep, leaving you feeling tired and without energy.

So is the Zyppah the solution for you? If the thousands of reviews are anything to go by, then it is easy to confidently say that this is truly the best stop snoring product available on the market. It doesn’t make any empty promises, stating that it helps to reduce and, in some cases, completely eliminate snoring. This honesty is refreshing and since so many people have said their snoring has indeed completely stopped, it makes the device even more trustworthy. It seems that there really is a way to get those eight hours of sleep without disruption, in other words.

Yes, the Zippah is quite costly and it lacks a few features in terms of adjustability. However, it is the only device of its kind on the market today, being one that uses two pieces of technology to help you stop snoring: stopping vibrations from loose tissue, while at the same time keeping your airways open. You may find a device that is more affordable or more adjustable and therefore more comfortable, but none of those devices will incorporate those two specific features.

There are pros and cons to the Zyppah, in other words, and only you can ultimately decide which weighs heavier. However, if you want to find a product that will help you to reduce or even stop snoring, that is 100% Made in the USA from safe materials, that is cleared by the FDA, and that has been created by one of the nation’s greatest experts on snoring and sleep apnea, then the Zyppah is the device for you.

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Mark Goodwin
October 1, 2020 11:17 AM

Beware! Customer service is terrible.

June 5, 2020 3:02 PM

I have tried the device and it did not help me. I have been trying to get in touch with the company Since May 4. No phone numbers work, they give you a different number to call each time and there has been no response from their email they encourage to use. Does any have any information?